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5 Good Reasons To Like This Platform

I am not clued up technically. I lean more on the creative side where work is concerned. Perhaps you are similarly inclined? If so, then do read on. As you know, most of the work we are faced with these days needs to be internet-based, one way or another. And if, like me, you are working for yourself, utilizing one or more social media platforms is about the most cost-effective way to market and promote yourself.

As you well know, social media is internet-based. Fortunately, the utilization, maintenance and administration of an account on a given social media platform does not require the mind of an IT genius. Take the world’s most popular platform for instance. And I’ve got to tell you, there’s a list of reasons why you should be using this platform if you are one of those who has yet to sign up. For the time being, I can share with you at least five good reasons why I enjoy working with Instagram.

Reason number one; it’s quite easy to buy likes and followers whenever the need arises.

Reason number two is this. Perhaps it’s the main reason for me because overall, I’m able to make social and work life really easy on myself. Practicalities like having to save commonly used hashtags can be done on your smart mobile using Notes or similar tools. It’s not complex work, I tell you, it’s really easy.

As for the third reason, necessary branding exercises are easy to fix upon an Instagram platform as well. There’s no hang-ups for me in terms of attaching my work brand to my most used hashtags. Of course, already a creative where words are concerned, it’s easier too having to describe my business and core concerns going forward through no more than four or five hashtags.

Fourthly, it’s quite easy to create your own videos, never mind take pictures, using the Instagram platform. With learning how to take photos and create videos out of the way for me, I’m able to focus all attention on the creation of well-worded and contextual and relevant captions to attach to my visuals. This is work I enjoy.

Finally, I’ve always been something of a procrastinator when it comes to necessary admin work. But since elevating my Instagram profile as my main marketing tool, I’ve found that all monitoring and tracking work is fairly pleasant, and it’s a breeze where time and ease of use is concerned. Not much digging required here because the platform records the stats for you. All you have to do is just check in and, well, just check already.

Perhaps I could also add that the Instagram platform really allows you to be yourself and come into your own as a self-made entrepreneur. And that’s just half the story why I like using Instagram. And if you’re even half like me when it comes to work and play, and connecting with others, I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it too.

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